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Shannan tap-danced her way into the world in 1979. She’s a Gen Xer gifted with the technological understanding of a millennial. She can set up a VCR, DVD player and a smart TV. She remembers when the Berlin wall came down AND seeing the first Fast & Furious movie … in a cinema!
Hailing from a performing arts background, Shannan contributed to various theatre companies both on and off stage. By her early 20s she was an established amateur performer in the Perth (Western Australia) arts scene. Shifting gears in 2002 she focused her efforts and moved into the nonprofit sector.
An avid traveler, Shannan and her trusty backpack have solo traversed the planet. From standing on the pyramids of Giza to bicycling down death road in Bolivia, she’s experienced the best of what the world has to offer.
After settling in Canada, Shannan decided to return to school and study documentary filmmaking. Passionate about spreading accurate information to those who wouldn’t normally have access to it, she sees documentary filmmaking as providing an integral means to foster social awareness and knowledge transfer.
Building on her interest in film, she entered the thriving VFX industry in 2015, working on some of broadcast and streaming’s highest rated episodic productions.
FatBelly VFX incorporates Shannan's interest in filmmaking, her love of giving back to the community around her and her ability to foster talent to make incredible film and television visual effects for global clients.


Born in 2021 Clancy brings youthful exuberance and much puppy love to the FatBelly Studio.

As Head of Marketing he attends all FatBelly client calls, dailies and any other meetings that the Head of Studio attends.

Clancy also ensures that the staff morale is high and he loves a good game of catch.

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